Ballet - Royal Academy of Dance syllabus
Ballet classes are taught in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus by registered R.A.D. teacher, Jacinta Murphy.
The Royal Academy of Dance is known as "one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world" (The Royal Academy of Dance.) With students from 83 countries worldwide studying the R.A.D. syllabus, students are held to an internationally high standard.
*Pre School, Pre-Primary and Primary ballet classes focus on developing a progressive range of skills such as: jumps (skips, galops, leaps, jumps from one leg to two and two legs to one etc), classical walks, classical runs as well as recognisable ballet movements such as battement tendus, demi-pliés and sautés while in a creative and encouraging class structure.
These physical skills in partnership with performance quality and musicality become the fundamental basis for classical ballet and entrance into the more formal structure of Grades 1-8.
National Character
National Character is the fun and increasingly popular study of traditional folk dances from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and more. These adapted dance styles are a prominent part in both the RAD syllabus as well as traditional ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker.
This class is an excellent addition to RAD Classical classes as it covers many of the technical and musical demands.
Miss Jacinta is also a Registered Affiliate Australian Teachers of Dancing  teacher so students have the opportunity to pursue examinations in the ATOD National Character Syllabus.
Modern is a genre of dance which combines elements of jazz, contemporary and ballet. 
It is varied in dynamics and with the aim to express emotions through movement.
This genre uses traditional ballet technique but with more exaggerated dynamics, use of both symmetry and asymmetry. 
Modern music is used and this style has more recently been made famous through shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, Dance Moms.

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