frequently asked question

Q. How do I enrol my child?

A. Please complete the following document and return it promptly to secure your place.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. Yes, we do. Students who have siblings or who do multiple classes are entitled to discounts. For more  information please contact us via

Q. What should my child wear to ballet?
A. Students must wear the school uniform (like they would at regular school) please refer to the uniform page. As well as this it is encouraged that children have their hair in a bun.

Q. Can my child trial a ballet class before committing?
A. Yes, one ballet class at one level is complimentary and attendance beyond the initial complimentary trial class will be considered as enrolment. 

Q. Do you have an end of year concert and does my child have to participate?

A. Yes, we do and yes participation is compulsory. 

Q. Do you enter competitions regularly?

A. No. Our focus is to develop each student and their love for ballet and R.A.D. technique. 

We encourage families and students to focus on the long term goal of developing safe and excellent technique in an educational environment.

We also offer performance experiences in the form of voluntary community outreach performances at local aged care facilities.

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