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Enrol for 2022 

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Contact us with any questions, queries or to organise your trial class. 


  1. You will treat all fellow students, families and staff at JMSoD with the utmost respect and courtesy.

  2. Your child/children are expected to participate in an end of year production to be held in November or December. The exact date is always clarified by March at the latest.

  3. It is YOUR responsibility to make note of performance/exam dates.

  4. Your child/children are expected to attend 1-2 rehearsals to prepare for the concert in November

    or December.

  5. Students of Grade 1 Ballet up are expected to arrive early to warm up for class.

  6. If your child is going to be late/absent it is expected that you inform Miss Jacinta in advance.

  7. Children must be collected on time, especially if their class is the final one for the evening.

  8. Email communication is made to the first listed email address on the enrolment form.

  9. All written communication MUST be read.

  10. Term fees are due within 14 days of the invoice being issued

  11. Payment can be made in cash or bank transfer

  12. Late payment will incur a Delayed Payment Fee of 10% of the total invoice per week.

  13. If you don’t receive an invoice it is your responsibility to notify the school.

  14. JMSoD must be notified of any change of contact details

  15. Cancelation of enrolment must be made BEFORE fees are invoiced.

  16. If you cancel enrolment while fees are outstanding you will be liable to pay these.

  17. No refunds or credits are available (all term dates, public holidays and performance dates are

    outlined from the beginning of 2022)

  18. If a class is cancelled by JMSoD a replacement class will be offered or credit for the next term’s


  19. Trial classes are allowed at a cost of $20. This must be paid before attendance and if the student proceeds with enrolment, the $20 will be discounted from the first invoice.

  20. Enrolment will not be confirmed until a completed, signed form is received.

  21. Students must wear correct, listed uniform at all times.

  22. Parents are welcome to view classes during a trial class and during watching week at the end of

    each term.

  23. No talking is permitted during classes. It is d distracting to students and teachers.

  24. No talking/phone calls in hall while classes are in progress.

  25. No film or photography is to be taken of students or staff unless on an approved watching day.

  26. All personal items must be labelled

  27. JMSoD takes no responsibility for lost or damaged items.

  28. Unlabeled lost property which is not collected with in two weeks will be disposed of.

  29. A one off $33 enrolment fee per year exists to cover first aid supplies, insurance, APRA music

    licenses etc and is non refundable and will be charged with initial invoice.

  30. ALL medical/health conditions are to be reported to the school.

  31. Any students requiring an Epipen/Anapen/asthma inhaler to each class.

  32. Students must have their own water bottle in each class otherwise

  33. RAD examinations are offered to students who are deemed ready by staff.

  34. RAD examinations are a privilege and not a right.

  35. By signing the Enrolment form, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment, as

    listed above.