Glen Waverley Ballet

Fees and Dates

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Term fees are charged per term regardless of length.

Enrolment fee 2022 = $33 per family

30 minute class = $120 per term

45 minute class = $150 per term

60 minute class = $170 per term

30 minute private lesson = $47 per class 

45 minute private lesson = $72 per class

60 minute private lesson = $85 per class


Discount packages are available to students doing more

than one class. These are calculated per student not per


A sibling discount of 10% reduction is available when

two or more siblings are signed up for ongoing classes.

If one sibling chooses to discontinue the discount

will no longer apply.

Any two classes receive a 10% discount

Any three classes receive a 15% discount

Any four or more classes receive a 20% discount

Participation in the annual concert requires a costume which is separate to the regular uniform. 

This payment of this is split into two $25 payments added to the invoices of Term 2 and 3 and the balance is added to the Term 4 invoice. The costume is brand new and purchased from Australian and American companies and costs no more than $80.

Modern and National Character classes have hire only costumes which range from $25-$50.


Direct Payment
Please use SURNAME OF STUDENT then BALLET as reference. eg. "Murphy Ballet"
Commonwealth Account Name: Jacinta Danielle Murphy
BSB: 06 3019

Account no: 1151 8221

Please make cheques payable to Jacinta Danielle Murphy

Please put correct fees into a clearly named envelope and hand to Miss Jacinta personally at class.



Delayed Payment Fees are applied to any invoice left unpaid after the due date. The fees are calculated at a rate of 10% of the total invoice per week.

These fees cover the administrative cost of following up on unpaid fees. Once Delayed Payment Fees have been attracted they must be paid and will not be waived, even if students decide to discontinue.






Terms run in accordance with State School terms and thus will run during the following dates:

Term 1: January 31st - April 9th

Term 1 School Holidays: April 10th - April 24th

Term 2: April 25th - June 25th

Term 2 School Holidays: June 26th - July 10th

Term 3: July 11th - September 17th 

Term 3 School Holidays: September 18th - October 2rd

Term 4: October 3rd – December 17th 

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